Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease Physiotherapist in Birmingham & Surrounding Areas

Common problems with PD are:

  • Tremor – it is possible to control it with practice
  • Posture – keep thinking upright, otherwise you will become bent over
  • Freezing – there are techniques to help you get going again
  • Gait pattern – we will help you to walk better for longer. Prevention is possible to a certain extent, but it does require an on-going effort and fortitude


Pricing And Info On Parkinson’s Disease Physiotherapy Appointments

We charge £95 per hour to visit your private home.  Any paperwork that is required to be completed will be done outside of your appointment time to ensure you make the most of the treatment time.  If you require many appointments we can negotiate a price.  

If you live further away than 30 minutes from our location in Stourton, we may have to charge an additional £10 each way.


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Salu Fellows has many years experience and is a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, Health Professions Council, Physio First and the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists Interested in Neurology








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    Case Study 

    Assessment – Parkinson’s Disease

    Points of Note – A little advice can make such a difference. Cognitive goes hand in hand with physical

    I saw a gentleman in a nursing home very briefly. He presented with gross tremor throughout his body. Carers reported that he could not walk and he was hoisted in and out chairs, commode and bed.

    I advised him that he could control his tremor, where-upon he succeeded in reducing his tremor by 80% and we got up and walked between 2 about 10m and back.

    Unfortunately I was unable to follow him up, as he moved out of the area, however nurses reported back to me that, that afternoon, he suddenly started talking all about the vintage cars he used to collect and he was more animated than he had ever been since they knew him….wow……

    “Salu got me going again. I am so grateful” – DS, Bridgenorth


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