Expert Essential Advice

Expert Essential Advice

Physio4Neuro provides expert advice family members and carers

  • Neurological Rehabilitation is very specific. Knowledge of why a limb moves in a non-normal manner, and indeed how it moves, is essential
  • Advice may range from how to mobilise with a relative, to the choice of a safe hoist and to which specific exercises are the best to practice at that time. It is a professional skill that ensures the right balance to facilitate and promote exercises that increase stamina and strength rather than cause fatigue and hinder progress. Please seek Neurological Physiotherapy expert advice before trying to help anyone.

At Physio4Neuro we believe in informing and supporting the patient’s whole support network. This imparts confidence and empowerment. It ensures continuity and good practice between sessions.


“I had been forcing my body too hard. Salu showed me how to pace myself” – OR, Kidderminster

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