We offer a comprehensive service comprising of assessment and treatment with professional Neurological expertise, essential reassurance and specific guidance on how to increase physical and associated cognitive ability, facilitating patients to reach their fullest potential.

Our services are as follows:


Prevention Is Key

We believe prevention is a key aspect of care and forms an integral part of our treatments.

The techniques mentioned here are only a guideline and are not exhaustive. Please note one treatment does not fit all and therefore you must obtain specialist Neurological Physiotherapy advice.


Case Study – Acquired Brain Injury, Head Injury

Assessment – Young head injury patient following meningitis

Points of Note – These patients are long-term needs. They are often high level care cases and Neuro Physiotherapy is an essential part of their ongoing care. Can improvements actually be gained? Yes, of course with enough input. Good carers are essential in this ongoing process


  • Stretches to maintain muscle and joint flexibility, not only for immobile limbs, but also to combat spasm and spasticity
  • Passive movements to maintain joint range and to help with circulation
  • Active assisted movements to facilitate what active motor control there may be
  • Positioning in bed, chairs and standing frames
  • Advice on equipment and aids
  • Encouraging good posture in various different positions
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Cognitive stimulation, so that the patient engages in therapy and with others around them. Physiotherapy should always be fun and that is an integral part of our approach at Physio4Neuro
  • Training and encouraging care staff to allow the patient to do as much for themselves as possible
  • Hydrotherapy is a great adjunct to helping release tight high tones musculature, as well as promoting active movement in a medium, where a ptient could not otherwise work against gravity


  • Is often slow, but hugely rewarding

Improvements can be seen with:-

  • reduced and controlling of muscle spasms
  • reducing pain in stiff joints
  • pressure sore prevention
  • active purposeful movements
  • improved postural tone and posture
  • increased awareness
  • cognitive ability switching on physical activeness and visa versa
  • improved life-style and interaction with family and friends


Case Study – Motor Neuron Disease

Assessment – Affects mostly males. Can affect different areas, with differing consequences.

Points of Note – Physio helps keep as active as possible for as long as possible, with specific and individualised exercises, helps with Pain relief by carrying out Passive movements, we can advise on positioning for comfort and we can treat Medical Chests with a variety of Chest Physio techniques


  • Stretches and passive mobilisations of limbs and trunk to help with muscle aching, joint pain and stiffness
  • Maintaining active movement where possible


  • Unfortunately MND is progressive, however Physiotherapy can ease pain significantly and assist with comfort in circumstances where patients are unable to move


Case Study – Stroke


  • L sided arm paralysis and sensory disturbance
  • Walking with stick 25m, unsteady due to loss of balance
  • Hemianopoiea and diploplia
  • Difficulty with swallowing


  • Upper limb movement re-education, finger dexterity and functional activity practice
  • Balance exercises using wobble board and weight transference dynamic balance training
  • Exercises to help look to the L
  • Swallow practice to strengthen oesophagial muscles

Progress over 6 months

  • L hand function improved, so that fork use, holding onto newspaper and turning pages of newspaper
  • Sensation improved in fingers improved
  • Walking steadier 100m with greater ease
  • Less neglecting of L side
  • Swallow much improved and drinking fluids


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