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Case Study – Stroke

PS, 76 years old near Bridgenorth 28.01.12 L sided Stroke He was in hospital for 6 weeks and was walked 1x. Home Neuro Physiotherapy was already organised, by his son. Assessment and first Treatment is always done on the first session. Treatment included:- ·     Specific exercises during the session ·     Written Advice to carry[…]

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Neurological Physiotherapy

The techniques mentioned here are only a guideline and are not exhaustive. Please note one treatment does not fit all and therefore you must obtain specialist Neurological Physiotherapy advice.   Why Neurological Physiotherapy? As with all medical specialties, Neurology is a specialism in itself and you do need a specialist[…]

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Facial / Bell’s Palsy

We have just been on a fantastic Course for the treatment of Facial Palsy (Bell’s Palsy) and are please to be able to now treat this, so please ask us about this…

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Care Quality Commission (CQC) Review of Stroke care

A major review by the CQC on Stroke care has found the extent to which patients are supported in coping with life after stroke varies significantly across England. CQC chief executive Cynthia Bower said “Stroke is the single largest cause of disability in adults and our evidence shows that early[…]

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Self Referral

Did you know that you can “self refer”? There are significant changes in NHS Commissioning of services, (self-referral was initiated by the government’s green light scheme, piloted in 2008), which enhance Patient Choice. The message was that there was no increase in demand for Physiotherapy. It just made the process[…]

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