Dupytrens Contracture

Dupytrens Contracture

I have come across 2 people recently, who had no idea that they had this condition.
Both had a Stroke, one many years ago and one recently and by chance the same hand was affected.
The one person had been injected with Botox, thinking it was due to tightness caused by the Stroke. I noted, that the hand flexor muscles were not spastic ie high toned, but the tendons were tethered down.

It is well know that Bill Nighy, one of my favourite English actors, has this condition, which is so notable that his little and ring fingers on both hands are fixed into the palms of his hands, leaving 2 fingers and his thumb active.

If you notice your finger flexors in the palm of your hand getting tight, through no particular cause….PLEASE ask me….
You can prevent Dupytrens, if it is caught early enough you can stretch the tendons out gently…
PLEASE RING ME 07823773555

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