Neurological Community Physiotherapy

Neurological Community Physiotherapy

Since Covid and the aftermath of Long Covid and other chronic conditions that have gone un-diagnosed and untreated, there is much more talk of Physiotherapy follow up in the Community.

The NHS’s cover of the community is reported not to be for long enough ie 6 weeks or 6 sessions.
Interestingly enough – private Medical Insurance companies do not cover more than that either. They are not happy to cover long-term conditions and definitely not Neurological Rehabilitation.

There are a few of us devoted and resolute Neuro Physios out there in the community, looking after those at home, discharged directly from hospital or step-down facilities or even rehab.

Our job is to get those patients mobile, as independent as possible and give these poor people some hope of a life back out at home in the community.

My personal preference is seeing patients at home, as one can advise on exercises and activities, that patients can do at home IN THEIR OWN HOME environment. It becomes more realistic and achievable.
I always advise “little and often”. 1x a day is not really going to make much difference.
“Practice, practice, practice…” You are trying to re-educate your brain…..

If you are suffering with a long-term Neurological condition, you need us:-
Ring and ask us 07823773555

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