What is Neuro Physiotherapy?

What is Neuro Physiotherapy?

I was asked recently….
“What is the difference between normal Physiotherapy and Neuro Physiotherapy”

My explanation is simple….
“If you have a heart problem, you want to go to a Cardiologist, not an Orthopaedic doctor or indeed a gynaecological expert”
This usually makes people smile if not titter a little. That seems to be clear.
However, the question for Physiotherapy still arises periodically.

Neurological Physiotherapists are specialist in our field…..

I explain that the background knowledge to neurological movement therapy, the theories and practical re-education of movement is very different to what is known as normal movement.
People can walk differently, but within the parameters that are considered normal eg pigeon toed or like Charlie Chaplin. You get my drift….

Neurological impairment causes very different features, for example:-
1. With Stroke – the notable loss of function on 1 side and a myriad of other symptoms eg fatigue, hemianopoea, speech, sensory losses and so on
2. With peripheral nerve damage – a drop foot, causing trip ups
3. With PSP – poor balance is most notable
4. Head injury – memory and fatigue
5. Parkinson’s Disease – the flexed posture and involuntary tremor
6. With MS – eg sensory and visual problems, as well as motor loss
7. Bell’s palsy – loss of facial musculature
8. MND – rapid loss of general muscle power
9. Duchenne’s Atrophy – in children muscle wastage, difficulty walking
10. Guillaine Barre – distinct sensory loss peripherally
To mention but a few….

To a trained eye, Neurological gait and movement is very distinct and a clinical specialty…..

If you are suffering with a Neurological condition:-
There is much a Physiotherapist can help you with…..Ask us on 07823773555

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