A couple of Non Covid 19 Medical issues

A couple of Non Covid 19 Medical issues

Dupytrens Contractures

I was watching a rather pleasant film called Wild Target, with Emily Blunt, Bill Nighy and Rupert Grint….a gentle comedy.
I noticed Bill N’s little and ring fingers, as he held the steering wheel., whilst driving.
I am a Physio afterall….then I googled it, yes it is know that Bill has Dupytrens in both hands actually.

If you catch Dupytrens contractures in time, you really can stretch them gently out, like any contracture (otherwise it means surgery to lengthen tendons).
Please do go to a Physio, who can advise you properly.
I helped prevent my own Father’s ones developing….
Gentle stretches and Bio-Oil massage.

Shoulder Pain…

I had a young lady come to me recently and she complained of shoulder pain. Then she told me how she did it…I knew exactly what injury she had caused herself.

She had avulsed her Sterno-clavicular joint…a rare injury.
However it has happened to me, just 3 weeks after I had been on a course, saying that no-one ever gets that……yes ironic isn’t it….

Pain was being referred to over her shoulder…, so she naturally thought it was her shoulder.

Correct diagnosis is essential…

As she came to me the day after injury, she was cured after 3 sessions…..another testament to coming as soon after injury as possible….well done….

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