Good-bye 2020

Good-bye 2020

Physiotherapy – some interesting statistics :-

• only 15% of private Physio services were up and running in September 2020
• 23% of these were face to face contacts….as we all know Hands-On is the best way
• 73% of clinicians feared passing on the virus to their patients
• Almost half (47%) of patients refused treatment, in fear of contracting C-19, through meeting their therapist and being near to other patients
• 16% of Physios felt more vulnerable and at higher risk themselves
• 51% of private Physios fear their practices will be under threat of reduced income

I personally have been treating patients within the safest parameters possible, with full PPE and sanitising between each patient.

I have felt very safe, with mask and goggles. Patients have been fully compliant and definitely eager to have treatment.

I had 2 patients, who suffered notably during the first Lockdown. We took some month’s to recuperate what was lost….but are now back on track…
I know for sure that I myself am not as fit as I was and I do not have any (known) pathology….

So dear people I ask you to carry on as much as possible, perhaps not in the snowy conditions, that surround us at this moment in time (of writing).

Take care and do NOT go out….

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