Articles of interest…

Articles of interest…

During Covid I have had some time to read, which I love to do…I am always looking up medical conditions, drugs uses, articles that allude to my special interest Neurology and Neurological Rehabilitation.

Playing card games aids Stroke Recovery – Canadian research in the the Lancet Neurology Journal

Exercise produces a protein called Cathepsin B, which helps brain growth and improves memory Says the US National Institute of Aging

The loss of muscle mass (sarcopenia) as one gets older is a given…or is it indeed???
Fujita et al 2007 say these changes happen as with “natural aging”. However Maryke Louw writing in In Touch No164 Autumn 2018, questions the need for automatic deterioration.

She sites several previous studies showed that muscle mass declines in the general population by around 0.37% per year in females and 0.6% in males and by 0.85% on the elderly over of 75years plus, Mitchell et al 2012.
Tieland et al 2018 report that the first to be lost are Type 2 fast twitch muscle fibres. Hence it is more difficult to carry out the faster and stronger activities.

However Maryke Louw says that it has been shown that the protein Leucine has been identified to be important in muscle synthesis Katsanos et al 2006, Paddon-Jones and Rasmussen 2009.

Dreyer’s study 2009 claims that the timing of eating can affect protein synthesis necessary for muscle maintenance. They suggest replenishing stores as soon after exercise as possible.

Well there seems to some hope….

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