Case Study during COVID-19 Lockdown March-May2020

Case Study during COVID-19 Lockdown March-May2020

One of my patients was only a few weeks post a very complex Left Total Hip Replacement just as the COVID-19 Lockdown commenced. He is a spastic paresis, with limited use of his R hand and was not walking at all, before his R knee replacement 6 months before.

He had started walking with a gutter-frame and had just tried with a tripod. He required assistance getting in and out his bed, getting out of his wheelchair and off the commode.
During Physio sessions we had been working on gradual weight bearing practice, strengthening, gait re-education and general increasing stamina.

Fortunately he was in a Care Home and carers could carry on his mobility with safety. We held some telephone calls and then we managed to set up some video calls via Face Time and do virtual sessions.
Although not the same as being present (where Physios are able to correct position by placing her hands on patient’s pelvis or hips, or shoulders), we were able to carry out some useful Physio sessions, such that the patient is now:-

walk well with the tripod and is progressing to a stick
he has a good gait pattern now
he can get in and out of bed himself. He even boasts that he can remove his socks off on his own
the patient now gets out of the wheelchair and off the raised loo seat independently
he has maintained his own joint range of movement and strength as well as can be
he is now ready for a stick and preliminary sessions show him to be quite capable, if a little fearful of “being knocked over by someone”.

It is of course due to this patient’s own determination and self belief that he has progressed so well, even in the absence of real Physiotherapy.
I am delighted and privileged to have him as my patient.

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