Lock-down 2020

Lock-down 2020

Covid-19 Theories

Everyday there are reports about this “thing”, that has ground life to a halt and stopped the whole world in this present time…

This Lock-down cannot eradicate the virus…social distancing, self isolation, medical shielding – the aim is to stagger the number of people contracting the virus. As the strap line says “to save the NHS”.

First theory I heard via a medical friend:-
• C-19 causes the body’s cells to attack itself ie it is caused by initiating a irreversible anti-autoimmune response, within humans that are susceptible. This makes sense, as Covid has taken victims of all ages and creed
Second theory :-
• Prof Sarah Gilbert – the virus needs a receptor to enter host cells and with age especially and other genetic, histological factors certain humans have more of these fatal receptors, that allow Covid-19 to enter into the body and cause sickness.

It seems humans are more contagious in the first couple of weeks of exposure and notably before they may show symptoms. There are non-symptomatical carriers.

World figures show that social distancing is working. I fear that the UK has not been the best at total lock-down ie group gatherings of the young especially and the continued flouting of the government guidelines, demonstrates our daily Case and Death rates graph is leveling, but not as a spike, with a fast reduction, as with Italy and Spain, who are turning the corner very substantially.

We must carry on our Lock-down….and must NOT slacken.
I fear we shall be in full lock-down much longer than other countries, who did Lock-down better than we did (I say that since we have done a full 5 weeks now).
Please listen dear people we must not stop now….

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