1st April 2020

1st April 2020

Well dear friends the 1st of April 2020 finds us in Day 8 of our country’s “lock down”, “self isolation”, “medical shielding”, “de-socialising period”…
It is affecting our whole world…it is truly surreal….

I hope you are making the most of it dear people and not being too negative…I have heard comments like “I’ll go mad on my own”, “I’ll go stir crazy”, I can’t hug my grand-son”, “I cant go out” etc etc….Some funny and also not so humorous Facebook anecdotes/skits are circulating around the web….

Please remember there are some real life catastrophes and loss of lives occurring, so our situation of being confined to home is nothing compared to these.
One of my own patients is hanging in by a thread….dear lady, please make a full recovery…..we are praying…..

No-one likes to be forced to stay at home, but it truly could be worse… for the most of us at least.

Who would have thought a month or so ago, that the whole world could and indeed would shut down….and yet some people are flouting it…..madness and selfishness….and it will only draw it out longer….

I thank the people who are still working to keep our household supplies and food going…thanks goodness for them. And those on the front line of Healthcare for working so hard and at high risk…

Have you seen Bill Gate’s TED talk warning us of this viral pandemic effects in 2015….yes he predicted this, as have others.

To better times at the other end of all this dear friends…
Be positive and rest up for the BIG comeback….

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