What a weird world, we are currently experiencing….
It is bringing out the best and the worst in people as all crisis do…

My Top Tips to stay safe:-

1. Self isolate if you can
2. WASH you hands for 20secs with soap and water. Dry them thoroughly
3. Don’t touch your face with you hands
4. Follow Government Guidelines

This cannot last for ever, so hang in there everyone and be safe.

I have read up and just wanted to help to dispel a few myths….
1. SARS virus, which is in component form similar – had a mortality rate of 10%. Covid-19 rate is 2%
2. Bat soup was not the source, although a wet market in Wuhan was
3. Japan, China and Italy have been the hardest hit, as they have the highest elderly population per capita
4. The world will survive the virus, but who knows what state the World economy will be at….how many businesses and industries are being destroyed
5. Bill Gates (TED talk in 2015) said it would wipe $3trillion off the markets. He did warn us of such a Pandemic and advised us to prepare…Pity we didn’t….

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