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Winter chills

Some interesting facts:-
• Cold affects and indeed can flare up arthritis in joints – how does it do this? – soft tissue is not so tensile in cold temperatures ie the joint becomes stiffer and is susceptible to stress and forces during sporting activities. I always advise tennis players and outdoor sportiers to wear warm clothes and especially to cover major joints
• Low temperatures can reduce muscle activity and slows reactions times. Therefore reaching for balls etc can overstretch muscles and tendons, that need to be warmed up in order to be fully stretched without risk of tearing fibres

“Physical activity and healthy life-style changes can reduce risk of dementia”.
NICE’s advice is to help ‘prevent’ susceptibility to dementia and other ill-health in the long term. We all know it….but reminders are always beneficial.
The life-style changes are:-
• Be more physical
• Reduce alcohol
• Not smoking
• Improving diet
• Avoid obesity
As a Neuro Physiotherapist I have always said that physical and mental health are intwined.

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