More on Hands ON

More on Hands ON

Hands on requires assessment of specific affected areas of the body. Interestingly some areas may not seem to be directly related to the painful spot.

Hands on involves mobilisations and manipulations of joints and muscles. These techniques are learned and practiced and are used with care and intention.
Mobilising joints has to be done with considered force, direction and intensity.

Massage is carried out by Physiotherapists to relieve muscle tension (in both muscle-skeletal and Neurological patients for differing reasons eg in Neuro Physiotherapy helps reduce muscle spasm), increase blood flow to specified areas and often to help reduce swelling ie to move soft tissue.

Trigger-points are a very useful and effective way to reduce into-muscular tension quickly.

Hands ON is an integral part of the Physiotherapist’s practice and the skill to assess and treat specific problems is key to success.
Please source a “proper” Physiotherapist.

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