Hands on – Hands off

Hands on – Hands off

I have just had the pleasure of attending the Physio First Conference 2019 at Nottingham University, entitled “Hands on Hands off Physiotherapy”. Always an excellent event and venue.

I can assure you dear readers, that if you have a Physiotherapy session/treatment and you go away with a sheet of exercisers, without any proper treatment of Physiotherapy techniques and we have many…..you have NOT had Physiotherapy, let alone the BEST Physiotherapy.

The irrefutable evidence is that real Physiotherapy treatment involves some kind of hands on, mobilisation, manipulation, electrotherapy, acupuncture or other technique or extended practice, such as injection treatment. Just talking to a patient is not Physiotherapy. Advising on exercise regimes, supporting patients in their lives are all part of the course….we do that automatically to enable best Physiotherapy practice and compliance with our treatments.

I believe the public, as well as even some clinicians forget that good Physios possess huge amounts of knowledge, dare we say skill and experience that we have amassed over the many years of our clinical practice.

Why would we let this go to waste? How can we not trust help patients, when we have the ability to do so…..I love being able to help alleviate pain for someone or getting them walking or return to their normal life….it makes my job so worthwhile.

We Physiotherapists are not very good at promoting ourselves, but please know readers that are some real Physios around….seek them out….we do exist.

Any queries about Physiotherapy please ring me on 07823 773 555

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