At this time of year chest infections are rife and for the elderly positively dangerous.
It is for the inability to clear secretions off the lungs ie cough effectively, that we Physiotherapists are called out for when we are on call. Patients cannot cough up secretions – the product of chest infections – and this phlegm reduces air entry into the lungs, preventing people from breathing properly.

Our techniques are:- postural drainage, percussion and vibes

If you are home, with a chest infection for more than 3 weeks, with thick green secretions – you may need some help…. definitely the frail elderly. PLEASE DO RING ME, SO THAT I CAN ASSIST (even save a life)

NICE acknowledges that Respiratory Physiotherapy is essential in COPD management and chest Physios could be the first point of contact for stable COPD care.
The Association of Chartered Physiotherapist in Respiratory Care report that pulmonary rehab is chronically underfunded. Patients do not realise how important Physios are in this line of medicine

BTS (British Thoracic Society) proposes ‘Lung MOTs’ to help the management of lung disease. They suggest that in the UK lung problems are often diagnosed too late. They suggest that regular checking lung function via a Spirometer can be an accurate indicator of upcoming exacerbations ie an earlier warning sign would be useful


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