Christmas 2018 is upon us….

Christmas 2018 is upon us….

Singing “carols”, at this time of year, helps prevent chest problems…Apparently lung conditions kill more people in the UK, than other European countries.
My clinical advice, that I am very hot on at the moment is – if you have a chest infection…cough secretions out as much as you can (pneumonias are not normally not productive), so that secretions do not multiply. bit.ly2FXY0X8

Multiple Sclerosis benefit – scientists found that attacking the glandular fever virus can combat symptoms.

Parkinson’s Disease – scientists discover that how to destroy and prevent the build up of toxic protein clumps in the brain.

BBC have reported – Spinal implants helped 3 paralysed men to walk again.

So have a wonderful Christmas dear readers and here is to a great 2019 for you all.

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