There is increasingly more literature and research pointing to the benefits of exercise to keep the body healthy and also the mind

Eg Swimming reduces anxiety and stress ind.pn/2RGvMIC

More than 25% of adults world-wise are not active enough The Lancet Global Health 2018 bit.ly/2QHykj1

Activity (ie keeping joints moving) can help relieve Achilles Tendon pain Wilson F, et al Exercise, orthoses and splinting for treating Achilles tendinopathy British Journal of Sports Medicine 2018 doi 10.1136/bjsports-2017-098913

A recent article in the CSP Frontline Journal entitled ‘Train the brain and treat the body’ ie it goes both ways
The Sporting Mind event, at the Imperial War Museum in London, focused on practical application of advances in neurophysiology, pain and exercise science. Specialist pain Physiotherapist Richmond Stace warned that Chronic pain was a “health pandemic”, affecting 28million UK adults.
As I have mentioned before in my blogs – sleep is essential for recovery, health and performance.

Mental acuity and slowing the progression of mental deterioration is linked to physical activity and well-being, therefore it is worth doing mental agility exercises and memory quizzing. Remember to make it fun.
I always try to emphasis the importance of having hobbies and interests to keep you bodily fit, keep your mind active and to reduce anxiety ie focus on things that make you happy and that are fun…..what could be better advice….we all work hard, so let’s play hard too

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