Did you know…

Did you know…

Anti-inflammatory diet
An anti-inflammatory diet including chocolate, red wine and beer – can help you live longer. Independent Ind.pn/2pgGi6f

Supplements can hinder the effectiveness of prescribed medicines. Times bit.ly/2zzS7df

Spinal cord implants
Yes this revolutionary surgery has arrived….has helped some paralysed patients walk again. Guardian bit.ly/2NBugDb

Exercise and Mental Health
We know that there is a direct link between physical and mental…another substantiating finding:- yoga is claimed to help boost memory. Daily Mail dailym.ai/201X4ii

NB it is time for Flu Jabs – A general rule of thumb is:-
• if you are prone to or possess some serious illness eg heart disease, kidney, pancreatitis ie infections
• Respiratory conditions (eg asthma, bronchitis, bronchiectasis))
• Neurological conditions (MS)
• or are sick (and off work) more than 4x per year longer than a week at a time
You might well benefit…ASK your DOCTOR
It is worth checking….They are free

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