Tit bits of NEWS

Tit bits of NEWS

Meningitis and Measles Vaccines
Students are being encouraged to have the MenACWY vaccine against meningitis and MMR against measles, due to European outbreaks.

6-8 hours of sleep is best

The WHO suggests that people over the age of 50yrs should take 600MET weekly minutes of physical activity, equivalent to 150 minutes of brisk walking or 75 minutes of running per week.
Gopinath B, et al. Physical activity as a determinant of successful aging over 10 years Nature Scientific Reports 2018

As expected:- Research (2,372 people over 45yrs in 21 studies) advocates exercise for arthritis for reducing pain, increasing range of movement, boosting self confidence and sociability and alleviating some depression.
Hurley M, et al. Exercise interventions and patient beliefs for people with hip and knee arthritis: a mixed method review

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