Falls Prevention – what can we do?

Falls Prevention – what can we do?

Since recent new figures on how much falls in the elderly cost the NHS, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy are making their members aware that there are nearly as many younger elderly who have falls (probably because they are more active). So we are being asked to target active 55-80year olds to help prevent falls, through education and increasing falls awareness.

Prevention is key. So some hot tips, which may seem obvious at the time of injury…”too late was the cry”

1. Be aware – too many times we rush and charge, knowing that we are not quite ready. Then concentrate….we are often too busy thinking of other things (this is me down to a ‘t’)
2. Note foot-wear – sturdy shoes (slippery soles), wobbly un-supporting slippers, sticky soles on the floor. With this goes floor surface…watch out eg dog play things! I nearly trod on a dogs ball the other day
3. Being as fit/flexible as possible – sounds sensible…well do a few stretches and strengthening exercises in bed and standing, before you get out of bed and just before/after you brush your teeth…it is worth it…..Do ask me for details
4. Tiredness – sleep studies are showing that the average working adult does not get enough sleep. Are we really too busy to sleep? Then hormonal changes affect sleep patterns and of course as we get a bit older, the quality of sleep can be lessened . So look after yourself
5. Healthy diet – of course this is last on my list (as I am not the best advocate myself), but it is by no means least. You know what to do

So there you have it….you do know what to do….just allow yourself enough time to do a few things that help you be safe….good luck and PLEASE do keep on your feet safely….

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