Christmas, New Year and resolutions – Exercise

Christmas, New Year and resolutions – Exercise

After Christmas turkey, pud and all the trimmings….I am sure we know, that we need to get out and do something physical….but what?

Walking, jogging, playing sports or just carrying out maintenance exercises to keep yourself mobile to and from the bathroom.

I think we would all agree that the aim of exercising is to:-

  • Keep fit, that means – keep your muscles, joints, bones strong and heart and lungs as strong as is possible
  • Neurological – specifically to focus on neurological re-education
  • And I hope to give pleasure ie such as for example team and racket sports provide….body and mind well-being

Important features of this exercise are obviously the right type and amount…ahh here comes the rub….

So let’s get to it….what is right for you?

Aerobic exercise should be enough to make your heart rate reach roughly double, depending on age and fitness and all the other normal factors.

And as a Neuro Physiotherapist:-

Particularly for Neurological patients – what is the right amount? Too much can be detrimental, as movement compensation occurs but not permanently so.

Both increasing heart rate to provide stamina and increasing general strength as well as in particular muscle groups to maintain correct movement patterns is most important.

The amount depends – so think about building up gently and carefully, push yourself a bit, so that you progress, but do not let your muscles fatigue so much that you do movements incorrectly.

A rough guide 10x x5 daily (roughly every other hour), to 20x x10 daily (hourly). I hope this is helpful

So may this encourage you and wishing you a very Happy 2018 and enjoy regular, thoughtful exercises.

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