Neurological Rehabilitation towards Recovery

Neurological Rehabilitation towards Recovery

Neurological Rehabilitation towards Recovery

Patients’ over-riding questions are “will exercises really help?” and of course “how long will it take?”

1. Everyone is different, but undoubtedly, the more you put in the more you reap the benefits – “practice makes perfect”. So yes exercising specifically will help

2. Everyone has the ability/potential to improve…’Indeed the body wants to heal’, but some have more potential than others, due to 3 main over-riding factors:- a) severity of condition/injury, b) treatment modalities available and c) patient’s own motivation and support systems ie family

3. If you have a Neurological problem please go to a Neuro Physio (if you have a heart problem…you would not go to a Gynaecologist)…same goes for Physiotherapy. There are specialist Physiotherapists for Neurology

4. The quicker you get Rehab (ie movement re-education), the better, however the often quoted 2 years to reach full potential is frequently proven wrong, and in my humble opinion and extensive experience – if the effort is put in even after many years good improvements can be rewarded ie it is never too late

5. Learning curves rise fast and plateau…remember to keep on, do not give up, you need to plateau in order to consolidate/re-organise, in order to improve again

Good luck dear patients and do ask us for any advice…..

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