Case Study – Stroke

Case Study – Stroke

PS, 76 years old near Bridgenorth

28.01.12 L sided Stroke

He was in hospital for 6 weeks and was walked 1x. Home Neuro Physiotherapy was already organised, by his son.

Assessment and first Treatment is always done on the first session.

Treatment included:-

·     Specific exercises during the session

·     Written Advice to carry on at home

·     Progressions of exercises

·     Review and monitoring of exercises

·     Low Back Pain treatment, with Electrotherapy machine


By July 2012 PS was walking with a stick

Contributing factors to PS’s success was his own motivation and determination. Most importantly he was very physically active before and had his dogs and growing chrysanthemums as his hobbies. He says “they were his main impetus”

Salu just carries out monthly visits to help finesse. We concentrate on certain weaknesses that month.

Current status

PS is now walking independently without a stick, he does the stairs, he is back to carpentry and gardening.

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