Muscle Stretches v/& Strengthening

Stretches – lengthen muscles, tendons and soft tissue, helping prevent reaching injuries, such as strains, fibre tears leading to inflammation and disorganised fibre healing Strengthening – contracts muscle (ie shortening muscle fibres), helping prevent over stretching and protecting joints Subtle difference, yet notable. We need both for musculo- skeletal health[…]

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Saliva Test for Dementia

A simple saliva test for early onset of Dementia may be available soon – a pilot study in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease

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Aspergillus fungus

Did you see – the news item in the Independent ( regarding the drying of laundry inside. According to the Asthma Society of Ireland tis practice can damage health because of the Aspergillus fumigates spore. If you suffer with asthma it is worth a go….If you try it, please let[…]

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