Smart Specs

Have you heard the latest regarding ‘smart specs’, that comprise of a headset and associated app, that can help Facial Palsy suffers with their rehab. It has mini-sensors, that measure symmetry and muscle in or over-activity, providing real time feedback.Lights and vibration will let patients know when their facial muscles[…]

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It is never too late….to build up muscles…

People are under the impression that building up muscles is difficult and only for the body builders….not so….it is so important for us as we get older to maintain a certain amount of strength in our muscles….you do need to use them though. In my Neuro Physio – I teach[…]

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Mind over Matter

Keep upbeat and positive…if you can…research shows that positive thinkers are more likely to achieve their goals…’half full’, as opposed to half empty.     It stands to reason, so might as well give it a go…. And mental well-being goes hand in hand with physical….cases in point:- – a Stroke[…]

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LTA, Lawn Tennis Association

I have been asked to do some short videos on various Physiotherapeutic topics of interest regarding Tennis….Please do have a look at their website Try   www.handwtennis.co.uk       and look under Coaching Tips Hope they are useful

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