Dupytren’s Contracture and Trigger Finger

I was asked recently the difference between Dupytren’s Contracture and Trigger Finger:- Dupytren’s is the shortening of tendons and soft tissue within the palm of the hand and Trigger finger is within the digits. If you catch them early enough, you can at best cure them and at worst minimise[…]

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Vit B12 or folate deficiency anaemia

Have a look on the NHS website for symptoms…fatigue, stomach problems, prone to immune system disorders. Marmite – “you love it or hate” has been associated with benefiting Vit B12 deficiency.

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Success Story

There are some patients, through their own fortitude and through I admit my care and advice…show remarkable improvements. This is a case in point:- On Assessment – Post AVM surgery, history of prostate cancer – very unstable and hardly able to walk with frame, with fear of knees giving way.[…]

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Guardian News item:- Researchers claim, that “a 39p skin patch containing glyceryl trinitrate could save lives of people who have suffered a Stroke” It lowers blood pressure and opens up blood vessels http://bit.ly/2qrrjc5 Worth asking your doctors…

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Progressive Supranuclear Palsy – is a Parkinsonian like Neurological condition, where there is mainly loss of balance and the ability to control movements, can lead to respiratory nerves affecting breathing. Salu and Fiona are able to assist with breathing and in particular help when secretions cannot be cleared and sometimes[…]

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