Parkinson’s Disease

Some facts and figures:-   Did you know that:- there are 127,000 people who have PD in the UK alone Most are in their 50s £2om is spent on Research in the UK PD is becoming more understood and prevention and treatment more known…Having a Neuro Physio is always of[…]

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Physiotherapy for Chest Infection

Chest and Urinary Tract Infections Neurological Conditions often predispose and weaken the body, so that it becomes susceptible to infections. The 2 most distinguishing infectious are the Urinary Tract Infections and of course the Chest Infection….it is important to nip these 2 in the bud, so as to speak…Every infection[…]

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Sensory Disturbance

Neurological Sensation Many clinicians believe that we cannot alter sensation. My experience is, that we can in some circumstances with some knowledge and time….I have sensory stimulated a hemiplegic arm, that was too sore to the touch. It became fully desensitised within 2 weeks. Conversely sensory stimulation has increased sensation[…]

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Guillainne Barre

Case Study – Guillaine Barre Assessment – A peripheral nerve condition, often following a viral or bacterial infection and when the immune system is low. Patients usually make a full recovery within 1 year. Points of Note – Neuro Physio is the therapy, that can guide the patient in their[…]

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