Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis

Problem prevention is key. Whilst we treat symptoms, we aim to mitigate future problems.

  • Weakness – the fallacy is that muscles cannot be strengthened. This is not true. With the right kind of exercises they certainly can
  • Painful spasms – techniques can reduce these
  • Balance – this is very important and can be improved with patience and the right treatment regime
  • Core instability – this is important for everyone, not just those with MS
  • Fine finger dexterity – essential for maintenance
  • Visual and bladder problems – there is assistance available, and we can help find this out for you


Case Study – MS

MM, 64 years old near Kinver

MS diagnosed 20 years ago

She has kept very active, busy with family and friends, but found that she was being hampered by progressing inabilities.

PHYSIOTHERAPY for long-term conditions, such as MS is most helpful as a preventative measure. “Knowing what to do is very useful and I am now able to concentrate on specific exercises, rather than soldiering on aimlessly, hoping things do not get worse”.

Assessment is shows weakness on the L side, especially distally in toes and fingers. Also proximal weakness in the L hip and around the pelvis.

Treatment is regularly changed to concentrate on varying aspects, month on month. For example:-

  • Weakness in the L knee is treated with exercises for control. Use of tape
  • Balance on a wobble board
  • Finger dexterity exercises
  • Constant review and monitoring of progress
  • Shoulder Pain treatment, with manual techniques and Electrotherapy machine
  • General support and much needed encouragement


  • L ankle dorsi-flexion has been regained
  • Mobility is maintained over the years, although obviously getting harder
  • She was walking with a knee brace to prevent locking back of the L knee, but can often manage without, even for long distances eg shopping centres
  • Still enjoy gardening twice a week and daily in the Summer
  • Physio is ongoing

It is important that the patient enjoys their Physio….Afterall there is life after Physio.

“I am able to feel my strength and balance returning. Thanks to P4N for their advice” – PS, Doitwich